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* 6 hour trips
* Sea Fishing ALL YEAR ROUND - 2 hour tasters or 4/8 hour trips
* Pleasure and Educational trips (up to 11 people)
* Stag & hen parties
* Scattering Of Ashes - dignified, unhurried, traditional - approx.1 hour
* Free parking nearby
* Well stocked fishing tackle shop close to the boat
* Rod & tackle hire available
* Free Tea and Coffee all day
* Proper toilet onboard!
Alan Edwards, D.O.T / M.C.A Boatsmaster

Sea Fishing

We offer 2 hour ‘taster’ trips (incl. Mackerel) or 4 & 8 hour trips. All are welcome, from the less experienced to the species hunter, Children and Ladies most welcome. We have over 44 years sea fishing experience, and are very happy to offer as much help as you feel you need to get the best from your time afloat, and to maximise your catch. We do not do long distance wrecking trips, but do however, fish the closer wrecks for Eels, Cod, Pollock etc. but we really specialise in Plaice, Bream, Tope, Smooth-hound, Bull Huss, Bass, Skate, winter Cod etc.- Should you have any particular species in mind, please call for impartial and honest advice. Catering for the individual angler to small groups or whole boat charters the boat is licenced for 12 passengers. We go to sea with a minimum of just 3 anglers. Rod and tackle hire is available. Free Tea and Coffee.

Other Services

Delta Charters have over 50 years experience in a number of other maritime fields. Including the Scattering Of Ashes, (please see www.scatteringashesatsea.co.uk). Pleasure & Educational trips. Rampion Wind Farm Trips. A Commercial Workboat Licence means we also undertake Survey and Guard boat duties. TV and Film Work.

Boat & skipperDelta Sunrise

"A bad days fishing is better than a good day at work"
- Anon

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink tea all day" - Author unknown

The boat

Delta Sunrise is an Offshore 105, powered by a Catapillar 400hp engine, with Disabled access, she is fully Licenced for the carrying of 12 passengers by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). She also holds a Full MCA Commercial Workboat license.

Delta Charters takes your safety very seriously and the boat carries in excess of the standard Saftey Equipment as required by Maritime Law; including Liferaft & full safety equipment!

Onboard equipment includes 3 x DSC/VHF Marine Radios, 3 x colour fishfinders, 3 x GPS navigator/plotters, and Radar as standard.

With seating for all onboard, and a proper loo, Delta Sunrise is the perfect fishing vessel.


The skipper

The Skipper, Alan Edwards has been sea fishing aboard his own boats for nearly 50 years, and is, and has been a Qualified D.O.T./M.C.A. BoatsMaster for some 39 years. Alan also holds Sea Survival, First Aid and Maritime D.S.C./V.H.F. Radio Certificate's. Alan is more than willing to offer advice and help if needed. Please call him on 07989581822 for any help or impartial advice. �

Never been boat fishing before? Alan is very understanding and patient, so no problem!

Want to try it out??


"An angler is a man who spends rainy days sitting around in a boat, doing nothing, because his wife won't let him do nothing at home" - Author unknown

DELTA CHARTERS want to know more?

"There's a fine line between fishing and just standing in a boat like an idiot" - Steven Wright

Terms And Conditions

Bookings can be made via the phone or via email, by making a booking it is understood that you have read and accept all the Terms and Conditions listed, and that it is your responsiblity that any others accomping you have also read and accepted the same.
A deposit will be taken to confirm a booking. In the case of multiple dates being booked, then the deposit will be carried over to the next booking.The remainder of the fee is payable, in cash, on the day of the trip. We do NOT accept credit card payments A VAT receipt can be issued if requested
Please phone (07989 581822) the evening before the trip between 6.00-7.00pm (other times by arrangement only)to check the weather and finalise details. After that time the skipper may not be available. Failure to do this will be taken as acceptance of any decisions made by the skipper for the following day. The skippers decision is final with regard to the weather conditions
If the booking is cancelled by the client;
(a) More than 4 weeks before the booked date then the full deposit is returnable.
(b) Less than 3 weeks before the booked date then the deposit is forfeited.
(c) If the customer requests an early return to harbour then the full charter fee will be payable, unless the skipper considers the reason for return is a saftey issue of a crew.
Cancellation by Delta Sunrise;
(e) Due to bad weather, the previous day or on the morning of the trip, the charterer has the option of the deposit being returned in full or moved to another suitable day.
(g) For any reason, be it weather, illness or operational difficulty's then Delta Charters will refund the deposit in full or offer to move the trip to another suitable date.If this is not possible then every attempt would be made to find another suitable boat
Delta Sunrise is licensed for a maximum of twelve passengers, but to give anglers more space we do not recommend more than 8 or 9 persons. Children under 14 years old are only taken by prior agreement.
Tackle hire is available, but breakages and losses will be charged at the replacement cost
Fish - Anything that you catch may be kept, on the following condition, that they meet the current Minimum Landing Size, and are not subject to a national or local landing ban (Sussex Sea Fisheries). All Tope, Eels, and sharks ( including Bullhuss) will be returned alive. The Skippers decision on this is final. It is Illegal to sell any fish landed from Delta Sunrise
Sadly, due to excessive use of alcohol in the past, Marine Insurance companies will now not accept any claims where Alcohol is even present on the vessel. Therefore no alcohol will be accepted unless advised at the time of booking, so that special dispensation may be obtained from the Delta Charters Insurance company. (In which case only very limited quantities may be permitted of low strength alcohol). Recreational drugs will not be allowed on the vessel under any circumstances and anybody found with any drugs onboard will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Please understand that this clause is for the saftey and enjoyment of all on board. The Skipper must be notified should any person have a medical condition or injury that may warrant specialist care before the time of departure. Any Injury or loss must be reported to the skipper immediatley, and before disembarkation.
Alan Edwards M.C.A./D.O.T Boatmaster


"Men and fish are alike. They both get into trouble when they open their mouths" - Author unknown

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"Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught" - Anon


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